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    President's Letter

    Presidents’ Letter, November 2016

    Chef Reed

    I am just getting back after a “17 Minute Rain Delay” so I can reach out to you and make this happen. Congratulations to the many Baseball fans who enjoyed the excitement of the last few months. It has shown the world the reliance of Chicago to never give up as one day it will happen and it did.

    It has also been an busy fall for the CCPC, we made our way around Kemper Lakes without loosing too many balls, had a great time celebrating Oktoberfest, held a successful Certification Testing at the College of DuPage: shout out to our members Thomas Birmingham and Glenn Keenan; provided educational opportunities at the Fortune Fish Show and the FCSI Trash Talks events and are holding our 35th Annual Chapter AAC Dinner honoring the Chair John Kaufmann CEC, AAC, HGT for his stewardship over those same years.

    As for November it is not over yet! We are holding a great educational meeting on November 21 sponsored by US Foods and hosted by Kendall College on the subject of Product Development & Culinology. It will also be an opportunity for candidates for the Board of CCPC to introduce themselves and discuss how they will lead the next chapter of the organization. Please come out and enjoy the education, meet the candidates and catch up with other members. We have done a lot of work to restructure or organization so we can focus on education, professional development and networking opportunities and this is one of those events we are providing to do exactly that.

    We are not just a collection of individual members but and organization of like-minded people who understand the relationships and emotional connections of our craft. Food is not just a commodity we sell it is a gift we provide. For 55 years ACF Chefs have supported LaRabida Children’s Hospital by preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for it’s young patients and families who cannot be home at their own table. We will again be there on Thanksgiving serving dinner. I ask for your support in volunteering to come down and cook and serve as well as providing food. Please reach out to chef Tonie Houke on how you can get involved. It is something that is very important to the Hospital and they are excited that we come year after year.

    As for volunteering, we are also looking for members to help the Chapter at Chef Connect 2017. It you would like to help out and get involved please reach out to Chef Tony Gomez who is coordinating the effort. There are still opportunities to get your business noticed through demo opportunities and sponsorships so please reach out to me at for more details.

     It has been exciting, a win for the ages, it is that commitment not just to the sports teams but to the community, its professional organizations and your families that make the membership of CCPC a wonderful group of individuals. It is always a pleasure to serve as your President.


    See you at Kendall College and have a great month.


    John Reed CEC, CCA

    President Chefs and Culinary Professionals of Chicagoland

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