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    President's Letter

    CCPC President’s Letter

    June 2016

    I hope everyone is happy that summer has finally arrived.  I am excited about spending time with family and friends and celebrating the wonders of this great diverse community we call the United States. The 4th of July has always been a very special day for my immediate family and me! We laugh, share and of course eat all day long. It started out at less then 10 people now we hit double that. The reason is that we generally have the best food and drink and make it an experience. It is the power of food and hospitality that makes it special.

    As the month rolls on I will be gathering with my extended ACF Family at the ACF National Convention in Phoenix July 15-19th. As President, I take the responsibility of going not just to meet old friends or create new ones as a serious responsibility of the office. I go to represent my ACF family in Chicago. Our new organization has grown through the result of seeing the need to unify the ACF members in and around the city of Chicago.  We have done a lot over the last year in creating a new mindset of how we operate as an organization. I am proud of all of the effort both old an new members alike have embraced this new beginning. I go to share the success of how we changed and put old differences aside.  This new single chapter that has shown it’s willingness to come together is a perfect example of what we can become.  At the Board of Governor’s meeting where we can now cast a single vote for one city. This is something that hasn’t been done in many years. I am proud of that fact and honored to be given the opportunity to do so.

    If you are attending or have never attended, I highly recommend that you consider doing so. This a great way to learn and network with you extended ACF family. There are many opportunities to share some food and drink with many chefs and culinary professionals such as you. Just like a BBQ, it is a time to share stories, have a laugh and create great memories. Please, email me directly at to let me know if you are attending. I want to invite you to join me to in Phoenix and help celebrate the next generation of this family. As you may know, Chef Dina Alteri CEC, CCE and the Kendall College Knowledge Bowl Team will yet again be competing for the National Championship.

    As for the rest of the summer and for those who can’t make the convention, there are still opportunities to meet and network with your local ACF family. We are still looking to schedule an educational event; a family picnic and another dine around before the fall rolls around. We have a full fall line-up of activities scheduled so please keep posted to the website. In addition we will be adding a new level of communication by expanding our email list that will not drop members from our email list if they have had a lapse in membership or other issues where they may be dropped in the past.

    So from my family to yours, enjoy the summer, celebrate friendships and be in awe of how fortunate we are to live in a wonderful part of the world!

    John Reed, CEC, CCA



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